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Why CPU usage is high and always 100%

It is very annoying to get 100% CPU usage when you are working on your computer. If the CPU usage is high, your computer performance becomes very poor. With the high CPU usage, the computer becomes very slow and you may even face computer freeze problem. What is the real cause and how to troubleshoot this problem?

Diagnose the problem
If you find all programs are not wroking find on your computer, you should run task manager by pressing DEL+ALT+Ctrl. First look at the bottom of the interface and check whether the CUP usage is normal. At Processes tab, you can find out the process takes up the most CUP usage. End the high useage or unfamiliar processes. (Just highlight the process and press End Process)

CPU 100%

Why my CPU usage keep 100%?
There are many causes of CPU high usafe issue making it is impossible to explain them here. However, we can pay attention to the main causes.

If you find the explorer.exe process CPU is abnormal. It may be the result of a corrupt or incomplete file. I have found it is actually a problem that an AVI file is damaged causing explorer.exe use all your CPU. Explorer will read the damaged file frame by frame to determine it’s properties.

If we are to talk an average of what causes these errors. Here are some facts
50% are virus related


  •  Iexplore.exe is using the most of your CPU
  •  You find some processes in task manager which has a strange name sounds like a malware. As a malicious process, it also shares the memory space.
  •  Looking at task manager you see that the computer is experiencing high CPU usage. Looking more closely you see that something called “svchost” is taking 100% of the CPU time.

Troubleshot CPU useage 100
No mater CPU usage problem relates to virus or corrupt file, an error registry is directly leads to the problem. The registry is the heart of a system. It stores the setting and configuration. Everything change on your computer will modify the registry. The virus behavior or damage file can cause a corrupt registry and processes mess up! So, it is obviously, fixing registry is the best solution. A load of 100% means that processor is fully utilized, whereas a load of 50% means that it’s sitting idle half the time. Looking for a efficient registry cleaner? ErrorFix has millions users and was gave a high praise. Download and optimize your computer now!

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