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How to clean browser history manually

It is necessary to clean browser history after you surfing online. You may not aware how importance of deleting Internet history! And you also ask frequently about how to delete Internet history manually.

What is Internet browser history?
Browser history is also known as website history. The original reason people create this entries is to make your easy to access what you hat done on Internet. For example, you can visit the site you have visited more easily. When you type part letter of the address, the browser will suggest you related resource. And Internet browser may also ask you whether to remember the password when you login.

What is the bad effect it takes to you?
If your computer is shared with others, your information may be revealed. I guess you don’t want to let others know what sites you have gone to and what things you searched on Google. Cleaning browser history also can prevent spyware from stealing the password.

Step by step: clean browser history (eg. IE8)

1 Close all your Internet Explore pages.

2 Right click Internet Explore icon on your desktop. You can see the setting box as below.


3 At General you can click “Delete” to select what you want to remove from your computer such like Temporary Internet files, Cookies and History.


4 If you only do the 3 steps above, you can not remove history completely. Browser history is still in your registry and can be found by others.

Delete all of the values except for the (Default) value from the following registry key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TypedURLs

If you don’t want to manually clean browser history, you can clean it with ErrorFix. This is an Windows registry tool with helps you remove Internet history in one step. Best of all, it not only remove history from browser but also from registry. It hleps you protect privacy.

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