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How to speed up Internet manually

You open your computer and spend almost all time on surfing online. Do you feel your Internet speed is unbearable slow? It is not so hard to increase browsing by DNS Cache. Here are some tips to speed up Internet. The way to make your Internet faster is very useful.

Clean DNS and registry
Before clean it, you can learn what is DNS. DNS is short for Domain Name System. DNS was designed to deal with the IP address you type in. This translation let you access the site you want to go. DNS is very intelligent. It can record the information about your history IP address. The database becomes more and more large. Every time you start browsing, the browser will read the DNS making it very lag. Then, it is obviously, cleaning DNS Cache is the best way to speed up Internet.

Manually speed up Internet
Creat a notepad and paste the text into it:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic esDnscache\Parameters]
“CacheHashTableBucketSize”=dword:00000001 “CacheHashTableSize”=dword:00000180″MaxCacheEntryT tILimit”=dword:0000fa00 “MaxSOACacheEntryTtILimit”=dword:0000012d

After that, you can save it and rename it as dnscache.reg

Double click dnscache.reg and merge it into your registry.

This method seems not familiar with you! The most safe and easy way to repair Internet errors is to run Windows optimizer. ErrorFix allows you to restore all the original settings of your IE, including the restoring options as below: Repair IE Homepage, DNS, Default Page, Repair IE Control, Enable registry Tools(Registry Editor) and more.


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